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Posted on 02-21-2012

The answer to this questions is "in ALL likelihood, NOT".

The World Health Organization report points to the modern diet as the cause of approximately 70% of all chonic disease (diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc).

BOYD, M.D. & KRONNER, Ph.D.  "The human genetic constitution has changed relatively little since the appearance.....of Homo sapiens about 40,000 years ago.  Even the developement of agriculture 10,000 years ago has apparently had minimal influence on our genes."

"Developements such as the Industrial Revolution, agribusiness and modern food processing techniques have occurred  to recently to allow for any evolutionary effect at all".

"The nutritional needs of today's humans arose through a multinmillion year evolutionary process...especially since the Industrial Evolution, genetic adaptation has been unable to keep up"

The western diet is killing us; not the supposed "genetic problem".  "Medicine and pharmaceutical companies are trying to convince society that disease is a genetic problem when it is CLEARLY a lifestyle problem."  CORDAIN, L.  Author of The Paleo Diet

  • Anything Grain or Dairy is BAD...argue it all you want, but it is still bad.  If it is broken down by bacteria (yogurt or cheese) it is much easier for the human digestive tract to ingest.  Whole grain only means that IT is not as bad for you as processed grain.
  • EFA:  Essential Fatty Acids.  Essential means we NEED these; our body cannot make these and we must aquire these from our diet.  Problem is, we get WAY TOO MUCH of Omega 6 Fatty Acids (vegetable derived FA's) and not enough Omega 3 (Fish oil and Flax seed oil).  The perfect 1:1 ratio is no longer present.  The average American is 12:1.  Those who have a 15:1 ratio, or greater will likely suffer from a chronic disease. YOU MUST SUPPLEMENT WITH FISH OIL.  Human populations lived near water and fish was a regular part of the diet.
  •  Do not kid yourself.....Soy is not good for you.
  • Buy organic. 
  • Sugar is not bad, but we ingest way too much....WAY TOO MUCH. 
  • Our diet and antibiotics are destroying our body's normal bacterial flora.  These bacteria help to digest many foods that our bodies cannot digest.  These bacteria also assist the immune system.
  • Meat is not the enemy, but agribusiness meat is loaded with Omega 6 Fatty Acids, where grass fed meat has a much better Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio.....4:1.
  • Farm raised fish are mostly fed grain based foods (cheap).....Wild, cold water fish are the best fish to consume.
  • Corn is Crap.  Instead of subsidizing Organic Farms...not corn growers.
  • Read the book:  "Milk:  The Deadly Poison".  I love dairy (ice cream)....but I have cut down SIGNIFICANTLY.   Stay tuned for more................................

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I have known Dr. Leigh from being one of his first 60+ patients. He has grown his business by leaps and bounds since then. My having moved away for 13 yrs., I am impressed with an occasional visit how incredibly knowledgeable Dr. Leigh is no matter what the medical issue is pertaining to the spine, cervical vertebrae, bones in other areas especially resulting from traumas to the body. I can pick Dr. Leigh's brain and he's always spot on with an answer. Kirstin is a wonderful asset with her proficiency in making appts., insurance info, etc. and pleasant manner with patients.

Ellen N.
Westford, MA

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