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Posted on 05-21-2013

Allergies: Chiropractic Can Help

Anyone who was outside Tuesday afternoon knows that the pollen level was considerably high. My guess that there were more than a few people suffering from allergies is likely correct. Here are a few of my recommendations that will help to cope with this season's high pollen levels.

  • Rinse your hair or wipe a damp cloth though it before turing in for the night. Pollen sticks to hair due to body oils and this settles on your pillow. Think about how much pollen you breath in at night with your face in that pillow.
  • Do the same with your body; take a shower of run a wet choth over you skin to remove the pollen.
  • Cover your pillows during the day to keep pollen off your sleeping surface.
  • Turn on your ceiling fans with a downward flow. This will reduce pollen coming into the house when windows are open.
  • Eat healthy. Your immune system functions less erratically when we eat healthy. Dairy products, vegetable and grain oils (omega-6) and sugar significantly alter immune system function.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil), probiotics, and Vitamin D improve immune system function.
  • Drink lots of water. Coffee, soda, processed fruit drinks and artificial sweetened drinks are not good. Water flushes the body of toxins and substances which mess with the immune system.
  • For every positive result from a medication, there is at least one negative reaction. If you can reduce your allergy medication even a small amount your body will be more healthy.
  • Twice daily, take 10 deep breaths and exhale with force. Normally, aerobic exercise causes this action which is how we "clean" our lungs of pollen and other small particles. Since many people do not get enough aerobic exercise to "clean" the lungs...Do This!
  • Attempt to reduce the amount of chemicals that you come into contact. The human body is now exposed to over 500 new substances since 1950. These substances....chemicals... stimulate our bodies in numerous negative ways and often hyper-stimulate our nervous system and immune system.
  • A regular chiropractic adjustment improves immune system function. The chiropracic adjustment and good spinal alignment supresses the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight reactions) which improves blood pressure, heart rate, digestion, concentration, and the immune system.
  • Twenty plus years ago I had significant "hay fever" for which I would receive an injection of Kenalog (a steroid which is not very good stuff!). Doing many of the above mentioned actions has reduced my response to pollen significantly; almost no reaction to pollen.

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I have known Dr. Leigh from being one of his first 60+ patients. He has grown his business by leaps and bounds since then. My having moved away for 13 yrs., I am impressed with an occasional visit how incredibly knowledgeable Dr. Leigh is no matter what the medical issue is pertaining to the spine, cervical vertebrae, bones in other areas especially resulting from traumas to the body. I can pick Dr. Leigh's brain and he's always spot on with an answer. Kirstin is a wonderful asset with her proficiency in making appts., insurance info, etc. and pleasant manner with patients.

Ellen N.
Westford, MA

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